Song Hinh: Helping the inhabitants to stabilize life
Updated : 9/14/2021 3:04:36 PM (GMT+0700)

In the past time, the mountainous district of Song Hinh has been implementing lots of policies to support the ethnic compatriots and those rural residents with economy development, new life construction. This locality is also continuing to enhance the shift of the structure of plants, animals, poultry, as well as investing in agricultural sector.

Agricultural cadres of Song Hinh district popularizing the program of agricultural support to the family of Ma Nhat’s

The implementation of lots of models, policies to support the ethnic compatriots and those inhabitants in the particularly difficult regions in Song Hinh district in the past time has contributed to reducing poverty, stabilizing the inhabitants’ economic life. The family of Ma Nhat in Danh village, Ea Bia commune used to face lots of difficulties, annually, when the seeding season is approaching, they had to suffer from hunger. Thanks to the support provided by the state with 1,500 m2 of filed, giving cultivation instructions along with one part of hydraulics cost, the family’s rice paddy fields yield decent crops. So far, no longer do the family suffer from hunger, but they have good rice to eat. “Here, the ethnic compatriots are so much excited when the state has invested, shifted from milpa rice to water rice, the inhabitants’ producing custom has also altered. Lots of new rice breeds have been successfully produced with high yields”, Ma Nhat shared.

Mr Nguyen Khac Su, Head of Song Hinh district’s division of agriculture-rural development, let known: in the past time, shifting plants, poultry in the district has gained lot of positive results. Being the locality that mostly major in milpa rice, so far, the area of water rice in Song Hinh district has been over 1,740ha with 2 crops, particularly those in the difficult regions like Ea Lam and Ea Trol communes, the inhabitants are so much excited at the water rice fields. Apart from the breeding models of goats, sheep and local black pigs, implementing the action plan of the district’s Party committee on the advocacies, orientations to develop fruit trees in the locality, from 2017 up to now, the district has implemented and supported 13 models of planting 11 types of fruit trees with the area of 60ha, the number of participating households is 102. The above models have been frequently checked and followed with the first decent results. The model’s success has promoted the movement of planting fruit trees in the locality, so far, the area of fruit trees has been over 1,200ha, including the high economic value plants which draw the considerable care and attention from the inhabitants to expand planting, these are the trees of durians, oranges, green cover pomelos, coconut, longans..

According to Song Hinh district’s people’s committee, the locality is really concerned about the inhabitants’ life, the locality has been investing into the particularly difficult regions and the ethnic compatriot residence. Apart from the direct support program, in the past 10 years, Song Hinh district has invested nearly 100 billion dongs, constructing 7 hydraulics works, constructing over 120km of rural concrete roads, constructing 2 works of concentrated clean water and constructing, repairing 2 schools, health stations, eradicating temporary houses. When it comes to the inhabitants, over 10,000 tons of cassava, 4,500 ha of sugar cane, 41,000 ha of rubber trees, 1,200 ha of fruit trees have always received the care and support from the local government, both in favorable and in difficult time, typically during the current COVID-19 pandemic time.

Mr Dinh Ngoc Dan, Chairman of Song Hinh district’s PPC, let known: shifting plants, animals in Song Hinh district has been in the proper orientation along which, the inhabitants’ life has been stabilized. The locality is continuing to concentrate on enhancing the shift of plant and animal structure, attaching priority to developing high-tech agricultural production, linking to produce along with the value chain in connection with consuming agricultural products. The district continues to expand the areas of irrigated plants, constructing some regions majoring in fruit trees, continuing to develop some potential fruit trees. Song Hinh district encourages the organizations, individuals to invest in high-tech agricultural sector as well as investing in the agricultural product-processing machines.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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