Ignite “shield” to prevent and combat the pandemic at the industrial zones
Updated : 6/11/2021 9:33:29 AM (GMT+0700)

Facing the complicated developments of COVID-19 pandemic, lots of enterprises in the province, particularly the enterprises at South Phu Yen economic zones and the industrial clusters (ICs) have simultaneously ignited the measures, constructed plans to cope as well as establishing the steering boards to prevent-combat the pandemic, contributing to well implementing double targets, ensuring the safety of pandemic preventing-combating, enhancing production and developing trade.

Workers on duty at Ba Hai JSC (Hoa Hiep industrial zone) well implementing the tasks of preventing-combating the pandemic during the working process

According to Phu Yen economic zone’s Management Board, the IZs in the province have 64 enterprises in operation and implement producing, trading, the number of employees working at these enterprises is 9,000. To prevent and avoid spreading the pandemic, ensuring the safety of the laborers and community, stabilizing production, trade, the management board has established the steering board of preventing-combating the pandemic and constructing sample methods “dealing in case of the situation of the suspected cases of being positive at these producing foundations and factories”. Accordingly, the enterprises do research and base on the concrete situations of their own units to construct the situations of preventing and combating the pandemic.

“Currently, 57/64 enterprises have established the steering boards of preventing-combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, implementing lots of solutions to efficiently prevent the pandemic like: enhancing electronic health declaration using QR code; measuring body temperature, arranging the hand sanitizers, proposing the laborers, customers to wear facial masks; requesting the laborers to install the softwares of NCOVI, Bluezone to conduct daily health situation; arranging the temporary isolation rooms as to the stipulations in case of the existence of suspect; setting up the hotlines of the enterprises for the laborers to reflect the requests timely. At the production zones, the employees work in the maximum social distance situations; in the dining-rooms, dining tables are arranged in one side (to avoid opposite sitting) to implement the pandemic preventing-combating….”, Mr Nguyen Hoang Phuc, Deputy head of Phu yen economic Zone cum Head of the steering Board, let known.

Tom Vang (Yellow shrimp) company has 270 workers on duty. According to Mr Vo Thien Phuc, Director cum Head of the steering Board of COVID-19 Pandemic at this company, they did not wait until the complicated developments of the pandemic but prior to that, the company’s leading boards had carefully and comprehensively prepared the task of preventing-combating the pandemic to the producing teams and groups; constructing the methods of preventing-combating the pandemic and ensuring the double tasks so as not to let the pandemic to spread and enhance producing, trading. Normally, the laborers concentrate on working but the current situation requires distancing while working, also, various shifts are arranged from the steps of receiving, separating the shrimps’ crusts to the chain step of product packaging.  Currently, the firms apply all measures to transfer shifts, receive orders, sign documents, records with online measures to avoid gathering lots of people; staff; the laborers absolutely are not allowed to change shifts without permission to ensure controlling…

Mr Nguyen Hoang Phuc lets known: “The industrial zones concentrate a large number of laborers, without measures to prevent and combat the pandemic in a drastic manner, it would be easily forming large epi-centers with high risks of cross infection. Therefore, the management board has directed the enterprises in operation at the province’s industrial zones enhance measures of preventing-combating COVID-19 pandemic, strictly tightening the controlling tasks right from the first step of bringing people to the enterprise”.

Accordingly, the management Board has directed the enterprises to strictly implement the risks of spreading COVID-19 pandemic at the labor foundations in accordance to the stipulations; instructing measures of preventing, combating and assessing the risks of infection at the working places and dormitories for the laborers; instructing the measures to strictly observe the message of 5K (facial masks-sterilizing-distancing-avoiding crowds-declaring health conditions), especially the compulsory regulation of wearing facial masks at the public places, implementing the regulations to prevent and combat the pandemic at the factory, firm. Simultaneously directing the enterprises’ directors in the industrial zones to manage the laborers who have the demand of going out of the provinces and after returning to the localities; or the partners from other provinces to our province to work so as to timely inform the management board.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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