Taking advantage of the social distancing time to control the pandemic
Updated : 8/28/2021 5:34:18 PM (GMT+0700)

The PPC has just issued the instructive document on implementing electronic guidance 1102 dated 23/8/2021 by the Prime Minister on enhancing measures of preventing-combating COVID-19 Pandemic.

An Hoa Hai commune (Tuy An district) implementing the forces top check any cases that get in and out of the commune to prevent, combat COVID-19 pandemic

Accordingly, to quickly prevent, combat, control the pandemic, protect the health and life of the citizens, the PPC requested the sectors, units and localities to concentrate on leading, directing and implementing, permeating and strictly, efficiently conduct measures on preventing, combating COVID-19 pandemic as to the instructions by the provincial Party committee and the PPC.

The PPC particularly noticed the localities implementing social distancing under the instructions by the PPC, getting the communes, wards, townlets to work as the “fortres”, citizens “soldiers”, the center for serving, being the main object in preventing, combating the pandemic. The involvement, observation, obedience of regulations among the population plays the decisive role in preventing, combating the pandemic; this is the responsibility, the rights and obligations of the inhabitants to protect their health, their families and the community’s health as well. Defeating the pandemic is the citizens’ victory.

Social distancing is the decisive factor to minimize the infection; it is a must to strictly, practically, timely implement  isolation on the infectious sources in the community, not letting happen cases of “tight inside, loose outside” . It is vital to take advantage of the “golden time” of social distancing to control the pandemic in the fastest way and not let happen the spreading of the pandemic…

Actively ensure human resources, facilities with the motto of “4-at -the-spot” to implement measures of preventing, combating the pandemic as to the stipulations; simultaneously, efficiently implementing the double target of socio-eco development and preventing-combating COVID-19 pandemic, attaching the top priority to the task of preventing, combating the pandemic.

The Health Department urgently test in the extensive areas to soon detect, quickly isolate, timely classify and provide suitable, effective treatment for those who are infected. Concentrate on instructing the health units to coordinate with the localities to re-inforce the sample testing groups to ensure the speed of getting testing samples, preserving the samples to ensure the quality; accelerating the speed of testing and returning testing results; conduct safe, timely, efficient and free inoculation.

The top priority is treating to minimize death toll. Sufficiently prepare the collecting foundations, caring, treating patients and those infected with COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring enough medical oxygen, equipment, facilities, medical staff for all medical foundations in the province for the sake of treatment task. Ensuring the classification, monitoring, timely transferring to the different treating channel to treat all patients, particularly those patients with serious developments, so as to reduce death rate.

The focal point to ensure social security, the PPC has assigned the department of labor-war invalids-social affairs to implement the activities to ensure social security, particularly in the localities implementing social distancing, the locked-down zones, all necessities must be ensured, especially for the poor, the elderly, women and children, the disadvantaged and vulnerable people, mobilize social forces, develop the spirit of mutual help and support, charity activities, not let anyone be hungry or have no clothes to wear. Enhance the task of preventing, combating the pandemic at the center of drug addiction and weaning treatment and social patronage.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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