Along Phu Yen coastal line
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Phu Yen province enjoys a coastal line of almost 190km, with mountains, seas close to the each other, creating picturesque bays and lagoons, more impressively is these are still almost intact.


Visiting the province from the north, along the coastal line, tourists can see Cu Mong lagoon, the connecting point between PhuYen and Binh Dinh .The picturesque lagoon, which covers an area of 2,655 ha, adjacent to six communes: Xuan Loc, Xuan Binh, Xuan Hai, Xuan Hoa, Xuan Canh and Xuan Thinh (Song Cau Town). The lagoon is surrounded by green coconut trees and wealthy villages.


To the south of CuMong lagoon locates Xuan Dai bay. Tourists can experience a tour around the bay to enjoy sand-banks, white sandy beaches with exceptional Rocky Reef shapes like: Den Reef, Do Reef, Dong Tranh point, Ong Truong Reef, Ba Reef….

Xuan Dai bay – photo: M.NGUYET

Xuan Dai Bay has an area of approximately 13,000ha, the depth of 7-18 meters, with a diversified forest-sea ecology. Xuan Dai bay and Cu Mong lagoon witnessed the battle between Tay Son people and Nguyen people. Vung Lam was once a busy commercial port of Phu Yen.


Further South-East of the Bay stands Rocky (Da Dia) Reef, becomes well-known for the rare geological structure in Vietnam. To the North of the Bay is Tu Nham sandy beaches, Bai Tram, Bai Nom, with beautiful sandy beaches and uncountable corals and seaweeds .


Long Thuy beach is about 7km from Tuy Hoa city to the north, Long Thuy beach in An Phu commune, has long been known as an ideal place for swimming. A picturesque landscape with calm blue water, green coconut trees is what tourists are often reminded of Long Thuy. From here, tourists can travel by boats to various islands namely Hon Chua, Hon Than, Hon Dua, Hon Yen, where there’s a plentiful oceanic ecology, suitable for sea tourism.


To the South of Tuy Hoa city are scenes of beautiful beaches, bays, among which outstanding Bai Bang, Bai Ngoc, Bai Mon-Mui Dien and Vung Ro Port with calm sea, clear blue water, gently sloping. Bai Mon and Bai Dien are close to each other. Mui Dien lighthouse is located here, built by the French in 1890. From the lighthouse, tourists can view the vast ocean, enjoy fresh air, listen to the rustle seawaves and greet the first sunlight in the land of Viet Nam.

Bai Mon – photo: D.T.XUAN

Vung Ro bay is very close-by, this is one of the most beautiful bays in Central Viet Nam: Vung Ro is 1,640 ha wide, the depth of the bay can receive ships with capacity of over 5,000 tons, covered by mountain ranges: Ca pass, Bia Reef, Hon Ba. Also, Vung Ro is one of the significant ports in the Ho Chi Minh trail on sea. Vung Ro was certified a national historical heritage on June 18th, 1997 by the Ministry of Culture-information (now known as the Ministry of Culture-Sports-Tourism).


Tourists can enjoy sea special dishes such as jumping shellfish, crabs, blue swimmers, shells... simply served with chilli salt. Simple but unforgettable.


Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by Hai Loan



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