Nhan Mountain - Da Rang River
Updated : 4/15/2011 10:31:30 AM (GMT+0700)

Nhan Mountain – Da Rang River is an impressive landscape for tourists to Phu Yen. Nhan Mountain lies by the North bank of Da Rang River,  ward 1, Tuy Hoa City. At Nhan mountain peak – with a height of Tuy Hoa, a city located along the East coast and Da Rang River with four bridges – two railroad ones in  parallel with two land route road ones. 

Nhan Tower – photo: HUYNH NGUYEN

On the mountain top standing ancient Cham towers known as Nhan Tower, , one of the giant towers built by Cham people in the late eleventh century with  square map structure, each side 10 meters, 23.5 meters in height, comprising 3 main parts: the base, trunk and roof. The temple’s entrance is east-headed. 


Nowadays, Nhan Mountain - Da Rang River scenery is considered the symbol of Phu Yen Province. On November 16th, 1988, Nhan Mountain was recognized the national art - architectural monument by the  Ministry of Culture - Information (now known as the Ministry of Culture - Sports - Tourism). 


On occasion of Tet or public holidays every year, cultural events, art programs, entertainment activities are organized on Nhan Mountain, particularly on the night of January 15th , lunar calendar, Nguyen Tieu poetry festival attracts artists and visitors from far and wide. 


Source: Phu Yen Department of Culture - Information – Tourism

Translated by TRINH THUY

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