Ho Son Ancient Pagoda
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In Phu Yen Province, there are  lots of temples, among which is an ancient temple - Ho Son Pagoda - located in Tuy Hoa City and widely known by pilgrims.

 Ho Son Pagoda- Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Ho Son Pagoda is situated on high ground in the center of Tuy Hoa City and surrounded by villages, fields and gardens with shady trees. In spite of being located in the downtown, Ho Son Pagoda is quite separated from the city noise. It has a garden of one mou wide with a variety of birds such as Pan pigeons, turkey, Ri chicken, Sao chicken, red pheasant, peafowl... surrounded by an orchard with shady trees the whole year. 


Historical records have this  Ho Son pagoda is made up of more than 300 years ago. In 1975, the pagoda was restored by ancient architecture. A large pagoda located on the land of charming scenery with the Buddha statue of Quan Am and the reflective lake of lotus... makes a peace, extremely solemn and quiet space. Ho Son ranks as ancient place in Phu Yen province and nation. Particularly, when visiting Ho Son pagoda, the pilgrims not only admire the Buddha, keep peaceful mind, contemplate life, but also watch the precious garden of birds and strange species of bananas. 


As Buddhist bonze superior Nguyen Duc, The Abbot of Ho Son Pagoda, it is the nature environment that has slowly attracted many kinds of birds to reside, which has formed the garden of birds since 1975. Since then, the temple built garden for birds, including species in Vietnam's Red Book such as pheasants, Sao chicken, noble peafowl. These animals raised and successfully bred by temples make the park more abundant. 


Also, there are many strange fruit trees such as Na Qua banana (Ta qua), purple banana (Com lua), Sap bananas, lotus sprout bananas, ... in the pagoda garden.


Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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