Visiting Lao Mai Nha Island
Updated : 3/25/2011 10:52:28 AM (GMT+0700)

Lao Mai Nha is a small island in Phuoc Dong hamlet, An Hai commune, Tuy An district. It has an area of 1.2 km2 with mountain of about 100m high, caves and beautiful pristine beaches. Impressively, around Lao Mai Nha Island live a variety of corals, showing a pretty underwater scene. On the island, many plants such as: du de, mua he grow naturally, showing stunningly ripe yellow fruits. 

A corner of Lao Mai Nha Island

Only two households are currently residing on the island – the families of  Mr. Bien Van Xuong’s and Mr. Ngo Van Thinh with five people. Mr. Xuong (59 years old) and his wife – Mrs. Vo Thi Nga (51 years old) have done business here since 1989, mainly raising cattle, planting, breeding shrimp and fishing. Tourists and residents call Mr. Xuong "Island Prince".


Departing from An Ninh Dong commune landing or Tien Chau fishing port, fishing boats of local fishermen carry a maximum of 50 passengers to Lao Mai Nha Island and back in the day at compromised price, which may be  cheaper in case of departing from An Hai commune  for a shorter sea route. 


According to the local residents, the best time to visit Lao Mai Nha Island is from March to July when sea is calm. On Lao Mai Nha Island, there is electricity, a few large trees, only two fresh water wells and absolutely no restaurants or services. So, it’s necessary for island  visitors to bring food and drink,  tents, so-called sleeping bags( in case of staying overnight). Post-trip garbage should be brought to the "Island Prince" Bien Van Xuong so that he can collect, process to maintain the clean environment ... 


Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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