Isolated Hon Nua
Updated : 3/22/2011 9:54:37 AM (GMT+0700)

On the thousand-mile journey from North to South, crossing the winding and twisting Ca Pass, you can enjoy the fascinating landscapes: a steep mountain side and immense blue ocean and, taking further look, you will see Hon Nua, rising from the sea, not very far away, looking like an alone but valiant knight. 

Part of Hon Nua - Photo: H.NGOC

At the height of 105 meters, Hon Nua is shaped like a pillar dividing the door of the South to Vung Ro Bay into halves so in Dai Nam Unifying Will, it was acknowledged as “Own Head Pillar”. This is also a special island memorized by fishermen through the folk verse: “ Hon Nua goes up and down at sea, its steep cliff with several levels that the waves crash onto”.


Going out to Hon Nua, it is best to depart from Vung Ro Port. From afar, you are able to enjoy the cliff “ unshaken with time “ heaving with groups of small stones pointing up at the blue sky, so strangely looking. After a 30- minute motor boat journey, you will reach this island. On approaching, you are astonished at the small beach stretching about 500 meters in an arc,  white sand shore and  pure salty water. It would be a great idea to bring diving gear with you, so then you can contemplate the ravishing beauty of coral chains at the sea bottom along the shore.

Photo: H.NGOC

On this deserted island , there is only lighthouse station. Following the lighthouse guards, you will be guided to visit the Hon Nua Lighthouse and contemplate the blue vast views around the island. They are also hospitable and fun-loving hosts , few tourists get out to visit and stay on the island , so the guards get ready to help find some fresh seafood around this island, prepare the picnic party, sing to join in the fun with their station guitars. If you like it , the guards are ready to help you to build a camp-fire and prepare an overnight sleep on the island, then, you will have chance to experience the wonderful feelings of mother nature. 

Beautiful beach – photo: H.NGOC

A company is reported to have plans to construct an ecological resort with sea baths, entertainment, mountain climbing etc. This would be a valuable project , but it is essential that we do not interfere with nature or badly affect the environment,  because, Hon Nua is considered such a precious thing and un-spoilt piece of nature.


Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HANH NGUYEN

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