Phu Yen province has been striving drastically, firmly with proper steps and methods
Updated : 2/21/2021 9:27:55 AM (GMT+0700)

That is the assertation made by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the recent working session with Phu Yen provincial leaders in the morning of February 20. This is the first working session by the Prime Minister with one locality after the Lunar New Year Tan Suu 2021.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc addressing at the working session

A brief report on the situation of economy-society, national defense-security in 2020 and tasks for 2021, PPC chairman Tran Huu The let known: in 2020, despite numerous difficulties and challenges caused by natural disasters and pandemic, Phu Yen province’s socio-eco situation is basically stable with certain developments, 12/17 criteria have been reached and surpassed the assigned plan. The provincial economic growth rate increased 3.8%; total export turnover increased 7.4% against the previous years. In hardship, the province has been constantly accompanying the investors to remove the entanglements, difficulties during the process of project implementation. Attaching priority to the human resources, accelerating the rate of progress for complementing the significant works to celebrate the XVIIth provincial Party Congress/ Disbursing 95% of the assigned central capital . Concentrating on setting the provincial scheming for the period of 2021-2030 and vision to the year 2050, the province is currently conducting every single step of selecting consulting unit for setting the scheme, pursuant to stipulated regulations…

In 2021, Phu Yen strives to maintain the economic growth rate at over 7.35%. State budget collection in the province reaches 8,635 billion dongs; mobilizing about 22,000 billion dongs for investing in developing the entire society; total export quota is at 210 million USD. Ensure social welfare and improve the people’s life…

According to comrade Tran Huu The, to create favorable conditions for the province to develop in the coming time, Phu Yen proposed to the Prime Minister to care and instruct ACV-Vietnam Aviation Corp. to soon have plans and itineraries for implementing investment to construct Tuy Hoa aviation port pursuant to the scheme approved for the period of 2021-2025. In case of difficulties in terms of investment sources, the province proposed to the Prime Minister to allow investment in forms of socialization and directions by the Ministry of traffic-transportation and central sectors for caring, instructing procedures and regulations to appeal to investment.

When it comes to supporting for investing in the development of linking the regions between Phu Yen province and central highlands and central South coastal provinces, Phu Yen province suggests supplementing scheming and implementing the highway routes connecting Phu Yen with the highlands, investing in Bai Goc port, supporting investment into Phu Yen coastal roads. The province also recommends shifting the land-use purposed for the investment projects in the locality like the project of Vinh Hoa Emeral Bay Resort, My Lam reservoir, technical infrastructure of the Southern residential area of Viet Star eco-tourism zone and the western residential area of the centre for nursing-sanatorium Submarine in An Phu Commune (Tuy Hoa city), New City Vietnam high-class tourism zone…

Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Mr Pham Dai Duong asserted: the province’s proposals are mainly aimed at asking the central government for schemes and stipulations to conduct. The reason is currently, the State’s investment sources in public investment are in difficulties. Therefore, with schemes and stipulations, the investors will implement without having to wait for state budget.

At the working session, representatives of the investors expressed the commitments of the long-term investment in Phu Yen, particularly in the sectors of tourism service, infrastructure; simultaneously proposing to allow socializing the investment to expand and upgrade Tuy Hoa airport; soon implementing the North-South highway past Phu Yen, creating conditions for the investments to raise ideas and counter debate the province’s scheming…

After listening the reports and proposals by Phu Yen provincial leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, representatives of the central sectors highly appreciated the efforts made by the province in overcoming the difficulties and reaching the growth rate of 3.69% in the past year.

However, representatives of sectors and ministries also shown some limitations and shortcomings that require overcoming for the sake of more sustainable developments in the coming years.

As related to the proposals by Phu Yen of the traffic projects, the minister of traffic-transportation Nguyen Van The expressed the support. The Minister let known that in the project of North-South highway connecting Lang Son and Ca Mau, the part crossing Phu Yen is at number 1 priority. As for the highway connecting Phu Yen with the highlands, the province should take into considerations either the connecting highway between Phu Yen and Gia Lai or Phu Yen and Dak Lak. As for the coastal road, the ministry of traffic-transportation completely supported the province’s implementing this impetus street. The locality would have to work more with the Ministry of planning-investment in the issue of capital for implementation. As for Bai Goc port, the Ministry of traffic and transportation also supports the province to use socialized capital for establishing majoring port.

Addressing to conclude the working session, prime minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc acknowledged that Phu Yen has been strongly striving with proper steps and methods. Particularly, the province has been highly determined, immediately commencing the tasks right after the XVIIth provincial Party congress. That is the spirit deserving to be encouraged and praised. The province has also determined the significant issues that need to be at the top priority, i.e scheming, applying science and technology into operating sectors; continuing to reform administrative procedures; creating open, favorable investment and trade environment. Another praiseworthy fact is that at this working session, the province asks for scheme, not for money to develop. The provincial leading collective also show the spirit of being united, showing great consensus, high political determination in carrying out the tasks. “And being united, determined is definitely the key factor for development”, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asserted.

The Prime Minister let known that the year 2021 poses numerous challenges which require us to overcome and take concrete solutions to implement the tasks. Among these, the individual economic sectors need to be stronger, larger and more active with high competitiveness in the regional and international stage. As for the state, whatever favorable and supportive to the individual sector, it is essential for the state to create favorable conditions for them to develop.

Also according to the Prime Minister, creating an active and open investment-trade environment to attract “eagles” is necessary. However, it is not advisable to attach to eagles merely but first and foremost to figure out obviously the nests in need. The Prime Minister also pointed out the capital scope and the strategic vision of each concrete project in the overall development strategies, for this reason, scheming for sustainable development is pivotal. Currently, not only Phu Yen but also Vietnam are exposed to major opportunities to develop. We have to scheme for proper development schemes so avoid being left behind…

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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