The business owner loves antiques and ornamental plants
Updated : 2/18/2021 2:05:00 PM (GMT+0700)

In the new rural district of Tay Hoa in general, Hoa Dong commune in particular, it’s difficult to find out anyone who doesn’t know the name Kim Khoa. And this name is even closer to everyone when recently Liaison Office of Phu Yen Antiquities Research and Collection Club under the UNESCO Center for Antiquities Conservation Research of Vietnam represented by Mr. Khoa was officially established.

Mr Khoa with bronze drums and many valuable antiques


Kim Khoa's real name is Le Tan Khoa, born in 1971. “I love and was absorbed in collecting antiques when I was a boy. More than 3,000 antiques that I currently have, were mostly inherited from my grandfather and father”, said Mr Khoa.

I have visited a number of private museums in other localities, but this is the first time I have seen an antiques museum in my homeland. The uniqueness of the antiques here is its origin and variety; many antiquities were used by kings and feudal mandarins and highly appreciated by experts, such as the stone ax dating back more than 3,000 years; bronze drums for thousands of years; ivory horn in Gia Long period; sword in Tay Son - Nguyen Hue period; ivory earrings, the smoking pipes made of bronze, ceramic… The large number of pots, and tea of ​​Quang Duc ceramic line have become colored over time.

Taking me to visit booths, introducing all antiques, Mr Khoa said that he would soon invite qualified staff of the Provincial Museum to help display and preserve them.

“This is all the enthusiasm that grandparents and parents left and for decades I have worked hard to collect and preserve for the next generations. During the war, sometimes having to leave home and go somewhere else, my grandfather and father dug a tunnel to bury and preserve these antiques. Later, there were times when I had difficulties, but I refused to sell them no matter how high price they were. Because they are not only property of my family but also antiques of the country. I just want to contribute a part to developing, popularizing and promoting the values ​​of Vietnamese cultural heritages to local people and tourists”, said Mr Khoa.

According to the director of the UNESCO Center for Antiquities Conservation Research, Mr. Doan Anh Tuan, making a family museum is a very difficult, complicated and expensive job. Even if there are enough material and financial conditions, the characteristics of enthusiasm and human condition is also important for anyone to get success in this field.

“Only people with enthusiasm like Mr Khoa can do it. In my opinion, if there is the support of a specialized agency, Mr. Khoa can open a private museum under the Cultural Heritage Law. This facility creates a push to bring diversity to exhibiting and storing artifacts, creating an interesting destination for local people and tourists, thereby spreading historical and cultural values, memory of the country...", Mr Doan Anh Tuan added.


Not only is he fond of objects that have turned into the color of time, the owner of this precious metal business and motorbike also loves to play bonsai and currently owns hundreds of bonsai pots and hundreds of apricots, barringtonia acutangula, and “ba chia”... with many designs, in which, many units cost several tens or hundreds of millions dongs.

According to Mr Khoa, talking about apricot, the most precious one is green bud, because this type used to be mainly played by kings. Or the same kind, but apricot in arid regions, often suffering storms like Phu Yen’s, often has a higher price than other provinces. The value of bonsai depends on their design, shape and preferences of the player such as: the opposite branch represents the gentleman; flight shape, waterfall represents the artists; vertical shape represent literary world, people with high education.

Currently, the business task is done by his wife, most of the time of his day is devoted to antiques and making plant-shape. “Ornamental plants have high economic value. However, the bonsai I planted mainly for display at the conferences of the commune, district, serving the congress of the Party at all levels... As for the familiar people, whoever needs it, I lend it to play for a few days of Tet, then get back to take care, do not put economic issues first. Every day living in a fresh natural environment, picking leaves, pruning, shaping the tree is a joy and an interesting relaxation,” Mr. Khoa said.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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