Creating "highlight" for Song Cau town
Updated : 10/26/2012 8:33:40 AM (GMT+0700)

During the stormy-rainy season, Song Cau town is always one of the critical areas affected by the harsh nature. Thus, the work of firming dykes and embankments to ensure people’s safety is always of top priority. In the scheme heading towards the type-3 urban area, Song Cau town will prioritize investment for items of dykes and embankments.


Workers are constructing the final segments in Thi Thac river’s embankment, Song Cau town


The event of embankment work against erosion in the downstream of Tam Giang river has just been inaugurated not only creates the new highlight for Song Cau but also ensures the safety of about 200 households residing along Tam Giang river. Embankment against erosion in Tam Giang river’s downstream was invested with an amount of 161 billion dongs from government bonds. With a total length of 4.4 km, Tam Giang embankment is derived from Da Vai dam connected to the route of Tam Giang- My Hai and ended at Dan Phuoc fishing-port. Ms. Vo Thi Thanh, who has been residing on the north bank of Tam Giang river for over 20 years, let known: “In the past years, without permanent embankment, the area was inundated with water at rainy-stormy time; over half of my house was flooded. People here were always worried, and now with the protection-embankment, everyone feels comfortable to earn their living.


In 2011, the People's Committee of Song Cau town deployed the work of embankment against erosion at Thi Thac river bank in the wards of Xuan Phu and Xuan Yen with a fund of over 30 billion dongs. Thi Thac embankment is over 1km long, including north-bank embankment-route derived from Vo Thi Sau road to planned road 5-3; south-bank embankment-route is from Hung Vuong Street to Thi Thac bridge. Mr. Nguyen Lam Sat, Head of the Managing Board of invested and basically constructed works in Song Cau town, let known: "The embarkment against erosion in Thi Thac river can combat flood with 10% frequency, tidal waves with 5% frequency, storm surges at 9 degree. The works are being urgently carried out, expectedly to be completed at the end of this year. "




Besides upgrading dykes and embankments, new routes are also being carried out, covered with concrete, the new roads are becoming more spacious, cleaner, and a new resettlement area for residents has just completed, along with the old urban areas; all create a new appearance for the urban of Song Cau town.


As Tam Giang embankment was constructed, affected 26 households had to be relocated at the new resettlement area right at the embankment line. The resettlement area is 6,500 m2 wide with lots of solid houses. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tinh, residing next to Tam Giang embankment, confided: "Before the construction of the embankments, the village was deserted with dark bamboo bushes. At present, with the cleanly-concreted embankments, night street lights at night, the scene is always bustling. We, now, actively prevent from floods, and no longer worry." According to Song Cau town People’s Committee, starting Tam Giang embankment not only tackles erosion for many years but also creates new urban areas along the south-north banks of the jetty, which is the town’s general direction in the plan of developing new urban area along Tam Giang river.


Coming to Song Cau town nowadays, one is amazed at the bustling of a grade-3 urban with planned direction of taking flood-against-embankments as highlighted pot which creates both safety for people and socio-economic development.


Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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