Adding strength to the enterprises for post-pandemic recovery
Updated : 9/13/2021 3:58:47 PM (GMT+0700)

Determining to “live with the pandemic”, the enterprises have been making efforts to control the pandemic from the outside, organize safe production inside the factories and firms. However, to reach the assigned targets and plans, besides the self-effort, the enterprises do need the joint-hands and added efforts from the departments, sectors and localities.

The PPC’s working delegation led by comrade Le Tan Ho, standing PPC Vice Chairman, to learn about the difficulties and recommendations by the enterprises affected by COVID-19 pandemic

The branch of Long Son JSC in Phu Yen (An Phu industrial zone, Tuy Hoa city), where lots of F0 cases emerged right from the beginning of the pandemic, causing the production activities to suffer from certain negative influence and disorder. However, the enterprise has been making efforts to control the pandemic, simultaneously maintaining production to ensure safe working conditions for the laborers. Ms. Ngo Thi Thu Huyen, the director of the factory, Long Son JSC in Phu Yen province, let known: during the period being directly “attacked” by the pandemic, the volume of processing reduced about 25% to 30%. Nevertheless, right after the pandemic was controlled, the company has been enhancing working time, increasing the capacity to meet the assigned time. So far, the situation has resumed stable. The enteprise has been concentrating on producing to complete all orders by the end of the year.

At Phong Phu Phu Yen international investment JSC (Phong Phu factory), there were 24 COVID-19 infected cases but thanks to well preparing and reasonable organizing production, the factory’s operation was not interrupted. Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, the company’s general director, let known: the pandemic has cause difficulties but also created opportunities for the enterprises if they know how to control and prevent the pandemic. The reason is that in comparison with the factories in the same system, in other provinces and cities, the operation of Phong Phu Phu Yen garment factory has been fairly stable in the context of complicated pandemic. In the coming time, the corp. intends to open one more garment firm in Phu Yen to “share the fire” with other places, simultaneously, taking advantage of the labor sources who come back the homeland to avoid the pandemic. We are quickly looking for the venue to implement this project.

According to Ms Ngo Thi Thu Huyen, when the pandemic first broke out, lots of laborers dared not go to work due to being scared. Thankfully, thanks to the province’s timely direction and support, nearly 90% of the laborers of the branch of Long Son Phu Yen JSC got vaccinated against COVID-19. The laborers felt peace in mind to return to work; the enterprise has also boldly implemented production plans to quickly complete the producing-trading targets.

With the scope of over 2,000 laborers, in the past 2 months, Phong Phu garment factory has invested in more than 2 billion dongs into the operation for buying pandemic-prevention equipment, disinfecting chemicals, health testing equipment, fast testing COVID-19 for the laborers….The task of controlling, combating the pandemic has also been thoroughly implemented by the enterprise. Besides, the factory has been created favorable conditions by the provincial government to vaccinate against  COVID-19 pandemic for 100% of the workers  .

So far, nearly 90% of the laborers have been vaccinated, 350 laborers have got two jabs. Both the enterprise and the workers feel confident and safe thanks to the province’s care, attention and encouragement.

According to the department of industry and trade, up to September 9th, the entire province detected 85 F0 cases at the enterprises outside the industrial zone. Due to the impact by the pandemic, most enterprise reach from 30% to 50% of the designed capacity; about 20% of the enterprise have to stop operating. Additionally, there have been common cases of lacking materials, too any products being in the warehouse, lots of expenses for operation, combating the pandemic have emerged; it’s been really difficult due to the increased costs for logistics services…

 “To create favorable conditions for the enterprises to stabilize production, the province will give priorities to 100% of the laborers at the enterprises to be vaccinated; in September, vaccination will be completed; arranging schedules for inoculation, in a periodical and efficient manner; supporting, managing during the workers’ and commodities’ transportation. As for the enterprises, it’s a must to be consistent with the measures of preventing the pandemic; enhancing IT application on managing, operating as well as preventing-combating the pandemic…”, said comrade Tran Huu The, the Deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee cum PPC Chairman.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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