Developing marine-based economy to a driving force and lever for the economy
Updated : 9/12/2021 6:50:00 PM (GMT+0700)

Phu Yen province enjoys a coastline of about 190km long with many pools, bays, lagoons, beaches, an area and exclusive economic zone of over 34,000km2, and large fishing grounds. Not only that, in today's era, the marine economy is an integrated economic sector and has strategic significance for the national economy, with many industries such as tourism, aquaculture, transportation, logistics, wind power...

Vung Ro seaport is invested for upgrading, capable of receiving ships of 3,000DWT, cargo exploitation capacity up to now more than 700,000 tons/year

As one of the 28 coastal provinces and cities, Phu Yen province is blessed with a long coastline and unique natural features with large reserves and abundance of seafood. The continental shelf has a steep slope to the south, many reefs are created by the Truong Son range.

According to the Seafood Research Institute, the central coastal waters, including Phu Yen, are quite diverse in seafood with high economic value; including tuna with export value. There are also many other special seafood resources such as shrimp, squid, king crab, crabs, oysters, sea cucumbers...

Phu Yen has a winding coastline of about 190km long, with many mountain ranges running close to the sea, forming bays, lagoons and many beautiful natural beaches; there are 16 large and small islands along the coast, which is a great advantage for marine tourism activities. Xuan Dai bay and Vung Ro bay are two beautiful bays of Vietnam and the world, of which Xuan Dai bay has been planned by the Prime Minister to become a national tourist area by 2030.

Moreover, the coastal area of ​​Phu Yen also preserves many historical relics and special festivals of fishermen, creating its own cultural features that are very favorable for the development of general tourism, especially marine tourism. Many beautiful and unique relics of the sea and islands such as: National Monuments of Xuan Dai bay, Mon beach - Dien cape, Hon Yen complex, especially Da Dia Reef Special National Scenic Landscape Monument, a unique in Vietnam…

During the recent years, many large-scale resort projects have been invested in coastal areas. Soon, this place will become a beach resort paradise of the luxury tourist segment.

Through the assessment, the results achieved during the recent years on marine economic development and investment attraction, especially in South Phu Yen economic zone, have been concerned by all levels and branches in the province for leadership, direction, implementation, achieving a number of positive results, making an important contribution to promoting local socio-economic development. Currently, 5 coastal industrial parks have been formed with a total area of ​​more than 460ha, investment registration rate of 77%; the South Phu Yen economic zone with an area of ​​more than 20,700ha is one of eight key coastal economic zones of the country.

Implementing the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress and the Resolution of the 17th Provincial Party Congress, the term of 2020-2025, the Provincial Party Committee has just issued the Action Plan on marine economic development in association with promoting investment attraction, especially the South Phu Yen economic zone.

The overall objective of the Action Plan is: Developing the marine economy on the basis of green growth, continue to build sea and coastal areas with high economic growth, as a multi-sector and multi-functional economic area; striving by 2025, perfecting the foundation and important technical infrastructure of a number of key marine economic sectors, so that by 2030, Phu Yen will become a province with strong development in marine economy in the South Central Coast region on the basis of sustainably developing marine economic sectors, ensuring social security and environmental protection; proactively adapting to climate change and sea level rise, in association with the protection of sovereignty over sea and islands.

To build and develop South Phu Yen Economic Zone to become one of the important industrial centers and seaports of the South Central Coast and Central Highlands, combined with Van Phong Economic Zone to form the Economic Zone of Phu Yen South - Khanh Hoa North with large scale, high attractiveness is the driving force to attract investment of the province in the coming time.

According to Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Mr Pham Dai Duong, in the era of "Sea and Ocean", the marine economy is a driving force and an opportunity for coastal localities like Phu Yen province to develop breakthroughs. To seize this momentous opportunity, it is necessary to have a suitable and timely approach with the determination and consensus of the entire Party Committee and the people.

To achieve the set goals, the Action Plan of the Provincial Party Committee on marine economic development associated with promoting investment attraction, especially South Phu Yen economic zone, proposed 6 groups of tasks and key solutions: Continue to increase strengthen the leadership and direction of the Party committees, management and administration of the authorities at all levels for marine economic development and investment attraction, especially in the South Phu Yen economic zone; Improve the quality of the formulation, management and implementation of the master plans and strengthen regional linkages; Effectively mobilize resources for modern investment in coastal and marine infrastructure systems, South Phu Yen Economic Zone; Sustainably develop breakthrough in marine economic sectors; increase investment attraction, especially in the South Phu Yen Economic Zone; Conserve and promote marine culture; focus on environmental protection, conservation and sustainable development of marine biodiversity; proactively respond to climate change, sea level rise and natural disaster prevention; Strengthen capacity to ensure national defense - security and law enforcement at sea.

With the potentials and advantages of sea and islands, along with political determination, Phu Yen province determines that the marine economy becomes an important driving force and lever to help the province make a breakthrough in the near future.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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