To start a new year: Effervescent working atmosphere at enterprises
Updated : 2/23/2021 7:20:00 AM (GMT+0700)

During the very first spring days, the producing enterprises in the province have shown the effervescent working atmosphere. In parallel with that, the task of preventing -combating pandemic has been constantly and particularly paid attention to by the units.

Processing seafood for export at Ba Hai JSC, Hoa Hiep IZ

After the Lunar New Year national festival, currently, the majority of enterprises have resumed work. At Long Son Tuy Hoa company Ltd. (An Phu IZ, Tuy Hoa city), on the 6th day of Tet, cadres and leaders of the company restarted machines to get ready for more than 400 workers to start work the following day.

Mrs Ngo Thi Thu Huyen, director of the company, lets known, in 2020, the sector of processing cashew nuts for export faced numerous difficulties due to the overall impacts caused by the pandemic. However, the company made efforts to maintain the stable material sources to ensure employment for the laborers and enhance export. Thanks to this, the total product quantity of the enterprise reached 2,160 tons, revenue reached 72 billion dongs, among which revenue from export reached 27 billion dongs.

Also on the 6th day of Tet, all of the cadres and staff of KCP Vietnam Industry Co. ltd (KCP Co., Son Hoa district) simultaneously launched production. After 1 year with so many ups-and-downs, the cadres and staff of KCP Vietnam industry company Ltd. (KCP Co., Son Hoa district) simultaneously expected a new year with more developments and success.

According to Mr K.V.R.S Subbaiah, general director of KCP Co., in the past year, the factory experienced quite a difficult pressing season due to the reducing material region, and the lowest yield ever. Atigar Agreement officially became valid, and this also caused lots of pressure for the domestic sugar-sugarcane enterprises.

At Nguyen Hung company Ltd., north-east Song Cau IZ, thanks to the encouragement of the enterprises, the laborers have concentrated on working with quite sufficient number right from the first producing days. Mr. Nguyen Hung Hoa, director of Nguyen Hung Company Ltd., let known, at North-East Song Cau IZ, the enterprises have constantly faced difficulties due to the lack of laborers, especially after the Lunar new Year. Therefore, to “keep” the laborers, the enterprise has tried to increase the income and ensure the scheme of salaries, bonus, Tet gifts and lucky money at the beginning of the year…thanks to this, the laborers are becoming closer and more loyal to the enterprise.

Turning to the new year, lots of enterprises in the locality have been actively preparing plans for producing and trading with the targets of actively improving production to gain better efficiency.

In concrete, Long Son Tuy Hoa Company ltd. Continues to invest in machines and modern equipment, improving the producing conditions to meet the criteria of commodities serving export. This is also aimed at improving producing conditions and improving the policies of better caring for the laborers’ lives.

Similarly, Nguyen Hung company Ltd. Plans to invest one more chain of producing canned seafood for export, aiming at exploiting more new and potential markets.

At Ba Hai JSC, Hoa Hiep 1 IZ, Dong Hoa town, the enterprise also encourages the labors to voluntarily declare medical information as well as self isolating at home in case of contacting their relatives who come back to the hometown from the epi-centers. Mr. Le Van Hong, director of Ba Hai JSC, shared, despite the beginning of the new year, the producing situation is quite busy, we do not neglect the task of preventing and combating the pandemic. Besides the general measures, our enterprise particularly cares about the ways of eating, drinking, relaxing…to ensure the health for the laborers.

CCIPY Vietnam company, An Phu IZ, has more than 1,000 workers. Prior to “restarting” after the Lunar New Year, the enterprise conducted quick testing on COVID-19 to all laborers at the company. This checking will be conducted before each working shift to screen those at high risks of being infected. Right after the safe results, the laborers can resume work. Besides, the enterprise requests the laborers to strictly implement health declaration, measuring body temperature, washing hands, spraying against bacteria…before entering the factory so as to actively preventing-combating the pandemic.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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